Commercial Die Cutting Services

Sometimes, buying your own press makes sense but for some start-ups or companies with smaller volumes, it seems more logical to contract your die cutting needs. One reason some choose commercial die cutting is because they don't want to buy a smaller machine only to discover when volumes increase later on that they need more output to produce and thus, will require them a machine capable of handling a larger scale.

Regardless of the reason, the overall objective is to  keep the "cost per piece" down. In many cases, even if you purchase your own machine, we are still able to provide you a better cost per piece because of the variety of machines we offer.  After the initial cost of a machine, the biggest factor in "Cost Per Piece" pricing is labor. Compared to most entry-level presses, our larger beam presses and fully automatic traveling head presses are able to  provide output more for less.

If you think you're in the market for Commercial Die Cutting,  give us a call  

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